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We career women in the prime of our lives face personal and professional transitions. We often find ourselves with too much stuff, too much to do, and too much to think about. As a result, we get overwhelmed, BUT it doesn't have to be that way. 


We can simplify our lives. Decluttering is the first step. So, I offer virtual and in-home organizing services to help working women survive midlife and thrive.


My virtual organizing service allows us to work together regardless of where we live. This option is great for self-motivated women who want a cost-effective way to organize their lives with a personalized plan and products recommended by me.

My in-home organizing service allows me to work side-by-side with you when you live in Rockville, Indiana, or the surrounding area. This option is ideal for busy women who want or require hands-on organizing assistance. 

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I have a passion for organizing. Always have. It makes me feel like a superhero!


I’ve been told I'm an iron fist in a velvet glove. So, if you need a little tough love, you’re in the right place. Hmm, hero or villain? LOL.


In any case, no worries. Nothing to be afraid of here except some good ole motivation. Something we all need now and then.

So, if you’re in, or at least a little intrigued, learn more about me and schedule a free consultation. We’ll discuss your challenges, how I can help, and determine if we’re a good fit. 

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I focus on alleviating the stress you face from trying to do it all! Organizing has been shown to help people feel:

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