No matter where you live, we can assist you via our virtual organizing service. If you’d like your home to be more harmonious or you want to work more efficiently, we can provide a plan, meet with you via phone, Skype, FaceTime and/or email, and guide you from cluttered to calm.


This option is great for self-motivated people who want to organize their lives online and offline within a pre-determined timeframe, using the tools and resources recommended by a professional organizer.


You’ll chat with us on a one-time, weekly or bi-weekly basis, tracking progress, discussing upcoming tasks and benchmarks, asking questions, and getting personalized feedback. In between chats, you’ll work on your organizing assignments on your own (or with a friend or family member). If questions arise in between coaching sessions, you may email us for advice.

Let's discuss your virtual organizing needs. Schedule a free initial phone consultation or email us any questions you may have.

Our virtual/DIY organizing service includes the following:

  • free consultation and assessment 

  • project plan

  • product recommendations

  • recommendations for recycling or disposal of any items

  • communication and support via video chat, phone, or email

1 Area/Room



2 Areas/Rooms

10% Savings ($25)


3 Areas/Rooms

15% Savings ($60)