3 Ways to Create a Support Crew to Reach Your Goals

It’s time again for another change from Leo Babauta’s book 52 Changes. This week we'll be rallying the troops. Sometimes I need some accountability, motivation, or inspiration from others. Oftentimes I am the one providing this to others. For example, I used to run every weekday morning with a friend. It was always easier to get my butt out of bed if I knew someone was waiting for me. I could use a drill sergeant now, to be honest!

CHANGE: Create a Support Crew

This change is to gather a group of people around you who will help you make your changes, cheer you on, and hold you accountable.


It’s difficult to change if the people around you are against you. If you’ve ever found change difficult without a group of supportive people, then this is the time to recruit them.

If you're lucky, you might find your spouse, family or friends are all willing to help you with changes you are trying to make. However, you may encounter some resistance. Oftentimes people feel threatened and can make it difficult to move forward. So let's find some ways to overcome this.


1. We need to start conversations with the important people around us: our significant others, kids, parents, siblings, close family members, best friends, and co-workers. Babauta advises us to start by explaining what we’ve been doing, why, and why it’s important to us. Then, tell them we could use their support and ask for their help.

I always talk to my mom about all the great, crazy things I think about doing. Most recently, I decided to do a virtual race with Virtual Running Club. I do these off and on all the time. These races have always been a big motivator for me. This one is a 100-mile challenge. It's the Get to Sesame Street Challenge.

You can choose to run, walk, swim, etc. 100 or 500 miles this year. I chose 100 because I've been out of commission in the exercise department for quite a while now and the year is more than half way over!

Since the weather leaves something to be desired, I even found an exercise equipment repairman to come to my house and realign the belt on my treadmill. The darn thing kept going off center and no matter what I did I couldn't get it adjusted - so frustrating.

Anyway, I chose the self-serve package for the race, so I got all the swag up front. I need all the incentives I can get, people!

The package included a medal and character pins. I also purchased a t-shirt. Their medals and t-shirts are top-notch, and I have a graphic tee obsession!

I gave all of the pins to my Mom. When I reach each milestone, she will give me the appropriate pin. Now, I need to get to work! The first pin is for 15 miles.

How do you feel about reaching out to the important people in your life? Do you think they’ll be supportive, or are they negative Nelly’s? I’ll be your decluttering cheerleader if you need one!

2. Next, we need to join an online community. Find other people online who are making the same changes. Sometimes influential blogs have good communities — we should spend time looking around, introduce ourselves, get to know people, ask for help, offer help, and find accountability partners.

I joined the VRC Facebook page. In addition to The Get to Sesame Street Challenge, many other events are occurring. So far, it looks to be a very supportive community.

I joined another group on Facebook too. It’s Simple Happy Moms. Even though I am only a cat mom, I thought it was the best fit for me. Their page says, “Welcome to Simple Happy Moms! Join us in our journey to living a simpler, more fulfilling life. Declutter your home and declutter your life. Find encouragement, ideas, tips and advice to live a more simple lifestyle. Find tips on decluttering with kids, simple living, saving money, and organizing.”

Sounds good to me! I love hearing about and encouraging others in these pursuits while learning more in the process.

What kind of groups do you seek on social media? Have you had good experiences? I am a member of quite a few, some business, some personal, all helpful.

3. Finding passionate people in our town is next on our list. So many times, people don’t believe change is possible because everyone around them is stuck. Look for people who know change is possible and are on the same journey as you. As Babauta says passion and change are contagious. Find the people living these values and surround yourself with them.

I am on the lookout for an exercise buddy. I’ll let you know how it goes. This is a time when I wish I lived in a larger city since they oftentimes have established groups for all different interests.

What kinds of interests or goals are you trying to reach where having this kind of support would be helpful? Do any of you have local groups that you can reach out to? Let me know.

In closing

Speaking of support crews, having one is great if you try virtual organizing with me. Virtual organizing is excellent for self-motivated women who want to organize their homes using the tools and resources recommended by a professional organizer.

We’ll chat weekly or bi-weekly while tracking progress and discussing upcoming tasks and benchmarks. In between chats, you’ll work on organizing assignments on your own or with a friend or family member. I'm also available via email throughout your project.

I’d love to work with you. Reach out!