Our digital and home organizing services are priced by the session. A single session (3 hours) is $225. We also offer package plans which provide a reduced rate for a greater number of sessions purchased. They provide the best overall value to our clients.


In addition to our organizing sessions, our services include the following:

  • free consultation and assessment

  • travel expenses

  • product recommendations

  • personal shopping online

  • take-away of any items that are donated or consigned

  • recommendations for recycling or disposal of any items

  • communication and support via phone or email throughout the project

Bronze Package

4 sessions (12 hours)

10% Savings ($75)


Silver Package

8 sessions (24 hours)

15% Savings ($215)


Gold Package

12 sessions (36 hours)

20% Savings ($435)


Platinum Package

16 sessions (48 hours)

25% Savings ($720)


All services require pre-payment at booking to guarantee the appropriate time is reserved for you. We accept cash, check, and credit card payments.

Schedule a free initial phone consultation or email us any questions you may have about our services.